Here are helpful tips to get your pet prepared for grooming. Having your pet groomed is essential bond between you and your pet having them handled in such a way creates good manners.
 It is also beneficial for your pet’s health as it prevents many skin problems and diseases. 

A dull coat can be an indicator that there is issues on the inside not just the outside, any concerns you should seek professional advice from your veterinarian Most animals have tickly feet and don’t like their feet touched.

Each day spend a few minutes touching their feet, lifting them up one by one in your hand and put light pressure on the pads and nails. Gradually increase the time you hold their feet. 

Always praise them when they do well. 
This will help prepare them when getting their nails clipped. Always use positive reinforcement, never punish your pet. If they do wrong ignore them wait a few moments and try again. 

When they get it right praise them as it will make grooming and other things a positive and a happy experience. Teeth brushing. Few minutes each day gently open your pet’s mouth. With a damp cloth gently rub their gums and praise them. Gradually introduce pet toothpaste and let them lick it off your finger. Eventually put a little bit on their front teeth, then on the back teeth. You can use a finger brush then maybe introduce a pet toothbrush. Having them get use to having someone touch their mouth will help in teeth brushing and other examinations